VILLUSION is an indie artist recording out of a makeshift (bedroom) New York studio. His upbringing consisted of strong exposure to a wide variety of music from long daily car rides home from a far away school. It was in the confines of the backseat of his parent's '02 Intrepid where VILLUSION was given pieces to the lifelong puzzle of music. 


When the radio was on, he found freedom in 70's and 80's rock hits from artists like Wings, Tears For Fears, and Eagles, while finding comfort in the structure of 90's pop from artists like Backstreet Boys and John Mayer. It was through this music that VILLUSION welcomed the order into his own mind: 'You need to do this.'


Years later while listening to John Mayer's Where the Light Is: John Mayer Live In Los Angeles, VILLUSION accidently found an obsession with guitar that could only be satisfied by playing one. He was jealous of his on-screen mentor in his ability to express a point by saying almost nothing. A few months later of saving and begging this ailment was fulfilled with a beautiful red Charvel and a few years of lessons. VILLUSION knew he had one motive to complete: share his world.


Arriving at VILLUSION's most recent work is a true testament to both his exposure and expression. His later found love for R&B and Hip Hop nurtured by glistening guitar riffs and drum loops guides listeners on a journey inside his (not so organized) mind. Despite his ever-evolving nature, VILLUSION looks to only add to his story and experience.